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Federal & State Criminal Litigation

The attorneys at the Todd Foster Law Group are trained and experienced in zealously representing clients accused of criminal offenses. He has been involved in federal criminal litigation for over 30 years, the first 11 as an FBI Special Agent working on fraud and organized crime cases, and then as an Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting many of the largest drug and fraud cases in the Southern District of Texas and Middle District of Florida, where he was based over his career. In 1994, Todd left government service to devote his efforts to defending the rights of others accused or under investigation by government authorities for alleged wrongdoing. His efforts as a private federal criminal defense lawyer have been recognized with his inclusion in the publication “Best Lawyers In America”; his position for six years as a Board member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and his appointment as a professor of trial advocacy at Stetson University College of Law. Todd has defended many cases in the national spotlight, including U.S. v. Aisenberg; U.S. Seawatch Corp (Club LaVela); U.S. v. Ware (Gabon Sting case) and U.S. v. Andrew Welden. In addition to these high profile matters, Todd and the team at TFLG regularly defend business people and a variety of individuals in their federal cases. Todd’s government experience and private experience over the past 20 years makes him unique among federal criminal defense lawyers. The majority of his practice is dedicated to federal criminal matters, mostly in Florida, but out of state as dictated by the needs of his clients. Todd and the team defend clients against allegations of numerous federal criminal violations, including:


Our trial preparation is extremely thorough, spending hours and days with the client, witnesses and investigators. Our pre-trial motion practice is exhaustive and aggressive. Challenges to the government’s evidence or legal theories are fully briefed and argued before the courts to insure that only reliable evidence and constitutionally appropriate methods are employed by the government. As needed, we bring in special trial consultants to advise us on unique elements or circumstances that could, and frequently do, impact the client’s case.

The attorneys at TFLG are also very experienced and possess vast knowledge in the defense of state criminal cases. Unlike in federal cases, the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure provide in depth opportunities for discovery, including the opportunity to take sworn depositions from prospective prosecution witnesses. This opportunity provides the perfect blend of TFLG’s investigative, pre-trial and trial skills, as we seize this chance to refine and lock down our defenses, thus eliminating much of the surprise that sometimes accompanies a trial experience. The lawyers at TFLG are also experienced at defending state crimes in a number of different areas, including,

  • Drug crimes;
  • Fraud cases;
  • Assault/battery/domestic violence;
  • Theft;
  • Sales Tax violations;
  • Weapon Offenses;
  • Violations of Probation;

As we do on our federal cases, the attorneys and investigators work as a team, from the moment we are retained, to investigate, challenge, and counter the State’s accusations against our clients. Further, if retained prior to the actual charge being filed, we focus our efforts and energy on working proactively to prevent the threat of a state criminal charge from becoming a reality. The attorneys work to fiercely advocate for their clients, during every stage of proceedings, in an attempt to achieve the client’s goals by:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of the incident prior to charges being filed;
  • Contacting and conducting interviews of both potential state and defense witnesses;
  • Contacting and conducting meetings with law enforcement to gather information beneficial to our client;
  • Contacting and conducting meetings with members of the State Attorney’s Office to gather information and to attempt to prevent charges from being filed;
  • Researching, drafting, filing, and litigating substantive motions to suppress evidence, motions to suppress statements, and motions to dismiss prior to trial;
  • Earnestly conducting jury trials on behalf of their client.

The attorneys at the Todd Foster Law Group also make it a priority to maintain collaborative and productive communication with their clients and their clients’ loved ones. The attorneys’ ensure that clients are informed and involved in their case during each and every step. Each attorney at the Todd Foster Law Group is dedicated to treating each client’s care as if it were the case of our own loved ones or family members.