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Health Care Fraud

Health care fraud prosecutions center on whether a medical provider or those working with him or her knowingly defrauded a benefit program through the submission of false claims for services, products that were never provided, or by rendering unnecessary medical services. Although federal statutes criminalize health care fraud, federal and state agencies commonly act together to investigate and audit health care providers engaged in business with insurers, sometimes leading to criminal prosecutions.

Upon receipt of an audit letter or becoming aware of a criminal investigation, a provider should immediately consult with counsel experienced in health care fraud. If indicted, an individual faces the possibility of severe penalties under the federal sentencing guidelines. The exposure is based on the loss associated with the medical claims, and the alleged egregiousness of the conduct.

If you are at risk of health care fraud charges, it is in your best interest to consult with a health care fraud lawyer skilled in federal white collar criminal defense. To arrange a consultation with the Todd Foster Law Group, please contact healthcare fraud lawyers at 813-253-2020 or