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Tampa Bay Health Care Provider Sued in Federal Whistleblower Case

Since January 2022, Todd and his team have achieved these results for clients:

 Tampa Bay health care provider sued in federal whistleblower action alleging millions of dollars of fraud. Civil Complaint dismissed upon motion to the Court pointing out the inadequacy of the pleading. When Relator (whistleblower) threatened to re-file suit against our client unless the client paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle, we advised against settlement and thereafter demonstrated to Relator’s counsel that under the facts and the law, they could not beat us at trial. The amended complaint was later filed by Relator, but our client was left out of the lawsuit. The client is now free of this litigation and paid nothing to settle. 

Comptroller of large Tampa Bay business accused of embezzlement in excess of $100,000. Plea negotiated for with-hold adjudication and two years probation, with eligibility for early termination of probation after one year.

Tampa Bay executive charged with stealing over $100,000 from statewide cash business. Plea negotiated for with-hold adjudication and probation.