Daytona Beach accountant charged with vehicular homicide acquitted of those charges

Daytona Beach accountant charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident involving death, acquitted of those charges after protracted pretrial litigation and weeklong trial.  This was a high-profile case involving technical issues of accident reconstruction and medical testimony regarding the cause of death.

Tampa franchisor charged with racketeering (RICO) and RICO conspiracy has the case resolved for probation

Tampa franchisor charged with racketeering (RICO) and RICO conspiracy involving alleged fraudulent schemes and facing a sentence of 15-20 years in prison has the case resolved for probation. This effort by Todd and his team took over two years and involved aggressive motion practice and factual development, which resulted in this highly favorable result for […]

Amid self-defense claims, state drops murder charge in Riverview battered spouse case

TAMPA — State prosecutors dropped a murder charge Thursday against Sabrina Hendley, who claimed she was defending herself amid a drunken quarrel with an abusive husband when she shot him four years ago in their Riverview home…

Tampa Bay Health Care Provider Sued in Federal Whistleblower Case

Since January 2022, Todd and his team have achieved these results for clients: Tampa Bay health care provider sued in federal whistleblower action alleging millions of dollars of fraud. Civil Complaint dismissed upon motion to the Court pointing out the inadequacy of the pleading. When Relator (whistleblower) threatened to re-file suit against our client unless the […]

Bay Area Executive Charged in a Federal Indictment of Wire Fraud

Todd and the team closed out 2021 with the successful representation of a Bay Area executive charged in a federal indictment with four counts of wire fraud. The indictment had been returned after a multi-year FBI investigation. The federal court trial lasted five days and the jury deliberated less than three hours before returning a […]

Federal Case Involving the Former Owner of Two Medical Clinics in Tampa

In the third quarter of 2021, Todd and the team favorably resolved a federal case involving the former owner of two medical clinics in Tampa.  The owner had been indicted for conspiracy and multiple counts of health care fraud, with $1.6 million in alleged loss.  After working the case for over two years, and on […]

Wife accused of trying to steal $1 million from husband while under psychic’s ‘control’ gets deported

In January, 2021, Todd was successful in demonstrating to prosecutors that his young Israeli client, charged with marrying and swindling her 75 year old husband out of $1.5 million, was actually acting under the influence of a psychic, and not entirely by free will.  The client was allowed to plead to time served after 13 months in jail, […]

Todd Foster Law files a severance motion in Ft. Myers federal fraud case

Todd Foster of the Todd Foster Law Group represents John G. Williams Jr. in a matter involving VR Labs principals Robert and Kay Gow.

The State has Declined to Pursue Drug Charges Against David Bellini

The State has Declined to Pursue Drug Charges Against Todd Foster Law Group Client, ConnectWise Co-Founder, David Bellini. The original story can be found here.

U.S. v. Bain, Case No. 16-1140, (Ist Cir.)

Yrvens Bain was a drug dealer, recently released from prison. The police obtained a warrant for his arrest and arrested Bain outside of his building where he and multiple people had apartments. Not knowing which apartment was his, officers took Bain’s keys and tried them in several door locks before concluding he lived in Unit […]